Gravitas Movies set for launch


Gravitas Ventures is an Application on Comcast Xfs X1, which has been released as an Application on Apple TV’s Amazon Fire Tv on Android mobile Android TV devices we’ve with iOS, Roku, we’ve launched.

At the moment it will be included in her current situation and her thing in the late spring. The OTT spill management is fed together by Float Left’s Flicast stage, JW Player and Cleeng.

Presents classes, including. The titles, Brotherhood Armed with Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Willem Defoe; Billy Boy with Melissa Benoist; Dramatization at the beginning of Katie Holmes’ directing; Michael Caine’s narrative picture in the 1960s, My Generation; Michael Griffith, leader of Gravitas Ventures, said, “At Gravitas, a merchant who is constantly able to relate the craftsman with the customer continues.” Göz We are planning our SVOD management, taking the following step in bringing our big young film library to a worldwide audience: Volume, smooth planning diversity and revival rate can be made clear, making it one of the best.

Today we plan to keep this offer clear and new for the autonomous film and documentary enthusiasts the future of the commercial center and the future. “


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